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please tell me what book to read next. comment, dm me, do it. please. love u.


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  • the picture of dorian gray is my favorite book

  • Omg! I have just watched a video of Emma in 2017 where she tried reading Grapes of Wrath by Steinbeck and HAAAATED it! Lol Time doth change, huh! Emma do a bookclub please!!!!

  • i died 2/3 thru this vid because of my peanut allergy

  • Emma, maybe I'm late but I really think you'd like Malibu Rising by Taylor Jenkins Reid. Happy to see books helping you 😊

  • emma made me read a book my mother buyed me in 2016 and i love her

  • Wait till emma finds out about booktubers 😂

  • Okay, not sure you'll like these because they aren't really "historical", but I Am Not Okay With This, They Both Die At The End and the series with One Of Us Is Lying and One Of Us Is Next are my recommendations. There are LOADS of recommendations if you somehow stumble onto book tiktok 😂

  • my books recommendations: snow by orhan pamuk frankenstein by mary shelley beach read by emily henry wuthering heights by emily brote little life by hanya yanigahara murder on the orient express by agatha christie the castle of atranto by horace walpole a thousand boy kisses by tillie cole demian by hermann hesse almond by won-pyung sohn the housekeeper and the professor by yoko ogawa the little prince by antoine de Saint Exupéry the woman in the window by A. J Finn normal people by sally rooney kim jiyoung, Born 1982 by cho nam-joo black book ot poems by vincent hunanyan the book thief by markus zusak alchemist by paulo coelho to kill a mockingbird by harper lee find me by andré aciman the forty rules of love by elif shafak coraline graphic by neil gaiman me before you by jojo moyes ✨EVERY FCKING BOOK FROM HARUKI MURAKAMI✨ sapiens by yuval noah harari the ethnic cleansing of palestine by ilan pappe american dirt by jeanine cummins jane eyre by charlotte brontë villette by charlotte brontë crime and punishment by fyodor dostoevsky

  • I sometimes get emotionally damaged from my why the fuxk do they have to break my heart like that

  • she makes me so productive-😭

  • Dude this really motivated me to start reading again…. any recommendations for crime/mystery books 😏

  • anna and the french kiss as well as romancing mister bridgerton are both good books!!

  • Pls read the Harry Potter series it’s amazing or read Jurassic park

  • a good girls guide to murder!!!! its a thriller ab a girl who solves a crime in her hometown for a school project. i read it literally in one night because i couldn't put it down. so many plot twists bro

  • since I guess we’re dropping recs: Six of crows by Leigh bardugo is literally soooo good, but you might want to read the shadow and bone trilogy first But like literally all the grishaverse books are so good you should read them like right now (Also there’s a Netflix adaption called shadow and bone) Thanks for listening to my TEDTalk

  • Read the song of Achilles! Fictional and rooted in history :) happy pride !

  • book recommendations: Lovely War by Julie Berry, The Chaos Walking Series by Patrick Ness, Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

  • Emma u saying the uv index for tanning is deeply concerning 💀 it’s so u don’t get skin cancer so the higher it is the worse it is


  • i LOST it when the camera fell-

  • anyway, this is a like highschool book but i am the cheese by robert cormier is such a good book

  • Book recommendation: The Psychopath Test

  • Book recommendation: The Fault in our stars

  • Unorthodox by Debrah Feldman! So good

  • The book Verity by Colleen Hoover is amazing! 10/10 recommend

  • 21:27 Emma, is your walk in closet to small?!? 😆

  • Virtually i would say you peanut butter sauce tastes amazing

  • Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling Body Guard - Chris Bradford Shane Quartet Books - Anders de la Motte Colleen Hoover in general 😂 The hate U give - Angie Thomas

  • i liked the part where we fell in the sauce

  • Book recs: A secret life of bees, they both die at the end, catcher in the rye

  • Thrown of Glass novels

  • read the alchemist! or literally any book by paulo coelho

  • “Emma,can you just cook something? Or do a haul? Like shut the fuck up about reading”

  • does Emma know that when ur in the sun for a long time with no sun cream you get wrinkles earlier and have a higher risk of skin cancer :///// I don’t want her to get hurt !!

  • good books summer emma!

  • if you like fictional history books you should read the book thief by mark zusak... it is so good and it’s like once you pick it up you can’t put it down.

  • literally made me start reading again and I have to buy a bookshelf now THANKS

  • six of crows and crooked kingdom are one of the best books i’ve ever read!!!

  • I think u would enjoy the night carnival 🥵🥵🥶😰😱😩😩😘😘🥵🥵☝️🥵😭

  • u should read IT

  • Having to reread pages over and over again has to do with the fact that our use of social media and consuming all of our info online has left us with ZERO attention span. It also has to do with the fact that the light produced by devices overstimulates our brains and makes us unable to focus. It’s changed the neural pathways of our brains and how we process into, and it’s left us with poorer info retention.

    • I do it because the first time i read a sentence it can sometimes read like gibberish. And my brain really doesn’t comprehend it. But social media has not helped at all lol

    • yess fr this is important to remember 💯👀

  • would highly recommend any of sara j maas’ books. she writes fantasy typically and if you’re into that read her throne of glass series and her court of thorns and roses series. both are amazingly written

  • start a book club bestie

  • i would love to see emma in false eyelashes tho... queen

  • reading suggestions: girl in pieces, speak, turtles all the way down, we were liars

  • U should read the Percy Jackson series it’s so good😩🤌🏽 and the watch the movies lol

  • Gonna pick up a book today

  • her: wait my neighbor's could be bothered!! also her: continues playing*

  • Watching her on 1.5x speed is so much fun

  • I literally relate to you 100%

  • also please read: The Vanishing Half it's so engulfing (see? big word from reading)

  • wait your drumming is kinda GOOD why am i shocked sis


  • 6:03 roger taylor

  • audiable needs to sponsor her. now.

  • I’m in eighth grade but I really recommend the count of monte cristo it’s really good 😌

  • you should read the seven husbands of evelyn hugo, i’m reading it right now and it’s a really novel

  • i watched 4 of ur vids when i was crying in my bed and i just find them so soothing idk why, tysm lol

  • Early Riser - Jasper Fforde. "Extravagant" book.

  • The Nest is another good one

  • Invisible Girl by Lisa Jewel

  • wait can you make a book club series so we can follow along with you????

  • Book recommendations The catcher in the rye Looking for Alaska Wuthering Heights The outsiders She’s come undone

  • I LOVE historical books :")

  • PLEASE read Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo and Song of Achilles!!!

  • Emma's journey to becoming a fully-fledged Grandma - Obsession with cooking ✓ - Obsession with waking up early ✓ - Obsession with reading ✓ What's next bestie?

    • @Loren Loney AHAHHAH omg i'd love to see that

    • Obsession with knitting...I just know it's coming

  • The Ruby Red series is so good. I recommend that to everyone and anyone to read.

  • 21:08 I was not prepared for this edit-

  • When we face-planted the food though xD

  • I have too many book recs,, this is so hard

  • If you like historical fiction Salt to The Sea is a great book! It's about the biggest maritime disaster in history that killed over 9,000 people, half of them being children

  • babe you gotta read song of achilles- it killed me... but you will love it

  • I laughed so hard when Emma dropped her camera straight into the food. I'm about to cry

  • EMMA you probably wont see this but read haruki murakami

  • emma: saying that your phone rots your brain me: rotting my brain watching her videos

  • The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle such a good boooook!

  • Who else thinks she should move to nyc, she would fit in so well?

  • Love u Emma 😊 you’re just getting a little too skinny 😟 you’re beautiful😉 not trying to pick on you.

  • "I'm wet now. That's what she said. Actually she probably doesn't say that very often" Lmaooo

  • some book recommendationsB) -on the road -norwegian wood -the great Gatsby -exciting times -conversations with friends -slow days, fast company: the world, the flesh, la

  • The depressed court arespectively introduce because beauty arthroscopically rescue across a absorbing wine. adamant, ultra icon

  • Salt to the sea by Rita sepetys

  • Raspy voice bebes for the win

  • Such an Inspiration Thank you!

  • Emma PLEASE start a book club I wanna talk about books with u

  • ok who else was dying when she dropped her camera

  • OMG i loooovvveeeeeee your phone cover 💖 Where did you buy it??

  • The mortal instrument series

  • The mortal instrument series

  • Bought east of eden 🤪

  • we were liars is so good and the twilight series

  • I love watching emma clean it's so calming and satisfying

  • i think im in love with her og my gossshhh

  • does anyone know the book she was reading!? oh and i really recommend criers war, it's so interesting.

  • also I have a book recommendation: the book thief, ☆☆☆☆☆ 5 stars, 10 outa 10

  • the first lil "hi" in the beginning sounded like Ariana Grande

  • READ THE LITTLE PRINCE also Steal Like An Artist they changed my life

  • dude fuck avocado strings

  • Adulting with emma

  • The Hope Chest is a good historical fiction