Objavljeno 19. jan. 2021
sorry for being dramatic. i filmed this the day after i colored my hair brown/cut it short and i was... freaked out to say the least.

love you LOL


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  • im literally in love with the brown hair, every time she insults it a single tear runs down my cheek

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  • I love your hair tho!!

  • drum break !! *plays drums* ok lets continue

  • girl I wish I was a brunette, you are so pretty and I hate when you talk bad about yourself 🥺

  • shut ur mouth. ur hair makes ur eyes pop but whatever u decide will literally look amazing.

  • 13:35 emma: i've been screen-recording for an hour and a half- me who cant record anything cause of little to no storage on my phone: 👁👄👁

  • No like litteraly she looks good in every hair color

  • I love your house 😍😍😍😍

  • Please stop belching like a swine It's not cute, edgy or rElaTAblE You're a grown woman, not 13 And 5 year olds are 'girly' As a woman, you're feminine not little girl girly

    • ''girly adjective characteristic of or appropriate to a girl or young woman.'' She is a young woman, she can call herself however she pleases without you critisicing her. You are right, she is a grown woman, and that's why she can make decisions for herself without you commenting on how she should behave. I don't know who made you think you're better than her to comment something like this, but it's very childish of you, Abigail.You're a grown woman, act like one.

  • I like her hair this shirt ngl

  • I'm obviously a little late here, but I love the brown hair 💙🖤

  • You're so beautiful😍😍

  • You look amazing! :D

  • I only saw you as brunette...when I saw the blonde I was like Lord no

  • emma i fell you. i just got a haircut and i hate it that i don't even wanna go put or dress up CUZ NOTHING LOOKS GOOD 💀👹 but u look rlly prrtty and i love it 😩👍🏼

  • Emma: I’m not going to see anyone for a while I’m just gonna take a break. Also Emma: *posts a video of herself to 10 million peopl* Hahah I love you Emm

  • Not only we all are obsessed with Pinterest

  • At 1:55 I could not stop laughing.

  • I actually loveeeeeeee brunette Emma sooo much land I think it makes her eyes stand out❤️😊

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  • i hate that she doesn’t see how beautiful she is omg

  • u look better


  • Y'ALLLLL . I honestly prefer brunette Emma, her eyes are so so BEAUTIFUL

  • I like her better this way

  • Brunette better than blonde! Crazy good, use OlaPlex though! It restructures hair bonds after bleaching damage.


  • Emma looks amazing like honestly beyond beautiful, the hair is the move

  • oh MY GOODNESS i love your hair it looks so great now when I saw it I freaked out! loveeee it!

  • it looks sooo good


  • What’s her haircut called?

  • BITCH you are beautiful and I love the brown hair, it brings back memories of old SLflow. HONESTLY you are so stunning, and so many people look up to you. I LOVE YOU

  • "Which hurts" "there is a video of me crying on the internet" those are my favorite

  • A natural red would probably look sooo good on you but if were being honest every hair would look good on u

  • It hurts that she doesn’t see how beautiful she is 🥺

  • I like your a lot!

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  • Your hair looks 100% better brunette! Love it

  • Emma i feel your blonde/brunette struggle so much

  • the tights aren’t it but she still looks hot

  • Emma this made my day way better

  • you look like you came straight out of charmed. love it for you

  • blonde Emma was deja vu and brunette Emma is good 4 u tbh

  • Honestly I do not miss blond Emma brown looks so much better !!

  • She was beautiful before but brown looks GEORGES!!

  • You look better I don't like blonde hair

  • Your hair would look amazing with a light or dark academia aesthetic

  • I know I’m late to the party but I was not expecting it to be short when I opened it and I’ve been trying so hard to convince myself not to cut my hair off but I wannnnnttttt tooooooo

  • Chill you look good.

  • Emma:Dont be like me kids!!! Me:I WAANNAAA BEE UUUU

  • Looking like Monica from friends

  • i dont miss blonde emma at all i love new brunette natural grunge emma much more

  • Sread the word about god

  • the fact that brunette emma IS AN ICON A LEGEND AND IS THE MOMENT!!!

  • You look absolutely gorgeous no matter what colour your hair is! ❤️❤️

  • she´s an icon she´s a legend SHE IS EMMA c´mon

  • I like the brunette WAY better- it’s unique in America

  • so good

  • emma doesn’t have to TRY to be pretty, she’s naturally so freaking gorgeous. and the day that she is in a place where she realizes it, we’re all in trouble and i’m ready for that

  • Emma you look amazing in everything !!!!

  • Honestly platinum Emma wasn’t it


  • Does anyone know what mascara that is ? 😫

  • “Darker makeup “ all neutral tones and colors

  • I think your hair looks AMAZING

  • when she talks abt her love life as if we dont know she's talking to tucker indirectly

  • I always loved brown hair on Emma I just wish she could see how beautiful she is

  • I always loved brown hair on Emma I just wish she could see how beautiful she is

  • Ok but u look soo pretty with that cut ✨

  • Emma you looked GORGEOUS this entire video!! 💚


  • Wait no stop- you’re literally so pretty stop looking down on yourself that makes me sad 😭😭💕

  • literally the most gorgeous person I know

  • Like this hair better

    • And also that outfit matches the nails:)

  • 5:26 don’t mind me just to rewatch this exact part

  • I thought the braids looked so cute :( but maybe not as tight but looser and messier!!!

  • ok but i’ve low key been waiting for the brunette to come back i love it

  • I actually like Emma with brown hair. 😁

  • I loove ur videos i watch them all the time now

  • I love brown hair Emma! It seems so natural and her more than the blonde but we love you either way!!❤️❤️

  • I love Emma, the most relatable person on SLflow

  • Plz shut the f up u look fkn beautiful ! Get some confidence u soo pretty b

  • It’s 4:43 pm and I’m laying in my bed laughing by myself. 😂😂😂 i fucking love you

  • brown suits u a lot better than blonde but both are pretty

  • brunette>blonde

  • Emma oh Emma ❤️. Blonde Emma Brunette Emma. Blue eyed Emma. Emma Emma emmaaaaaaaaaaaa. Eh ma! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Emma ur the most gorgeous girl I've ever seen

  • so are we going to ignore the cat climbing on the shelves of emma’s closet 🐱...

  • Emma you're gorgeous

  • Who’s gonna tell her that all hair is dead 😅 srsly though she looks gorg


  • i kinda love the messy hair and like the volume on it and also like the makeup its fire. I think it represent more like emma's personality❤️‍🔥

  • EMMMMMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! READ THIS 1. I. Love. Your. New. Hair. IT'S SO GOOD. okay the cut is phenonemenal, I think a striped blue and black top would look SO GOOD. and yellow would be fire with the color of your hair. also, IM NOT SURE, but in my head I feel like a maroon colored outfit would look so good, SOOO MAYBE TRY TO EXPERIMENT. also, maybe you should wear like a turtle neck and then a long leather jacket with some black jeans and boots and IM NOT SURE but hoops WOULD LOOK SO GOOD. I'm not sure. let me know how it turns out and what you think of the idea if you try it? love you emma

  • Just so you’re aware, you happen to be beautiful, Emma! Your eyes are gorgeous and you have a great figure!

  • I too am trying to cope with going brunette 😬

  • Wait but like who’s gonna tell her it looks so good.

  • yessssss Emma Malfoy 👑👑👑