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  • emma: don't think that I changed also emma: ny has already changed me

  • I do 12.000 steps every day since Januar this year...It helps me to sleep better, keep the Heart healthy and its relaxing, even more in the nature. 😘

  • I have never watched Emmas videos but I watched this and I already love a vibes. 🔥💫

  • em... new york is made for u babe

  • You belong in New York Emma

  • no one: emma: **holding her cup like levi**

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  • SHE'S SO PRETTY 😱 I love her nose piercing.

  • this is my favorite video

  • your face after trying the bagel 😂😂

  • The bagel pain is like no other but omggg it’s literally the thing Everrrr 😳

  • Hello Emma, I really hope you see this comment. I’m your age and I can relate to you a lot. I love all your videos and how open you are with everything! I have trouble going places alone and doing things the way you do. I’d appreciate it so much if you made a video on how to go out and enjoy things alone when having social anxiety, speak from your experience. many of us would like a video like that Thank you :)

  • i need to know this hotel

  • yesss I’ve lived in NYC all my life and google maps still doesn’t help

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  • where is the cord jacket from !!!!????

  • LOL in NY during 30-50 degree weather we are going to the lake to swim 💀😀

  • I keep getting caught off guard by your burps. Otherwise, top tier baby. 👌🏾🤍

  • Move to NY if you want, you can check the vibe out and if you don't like it move back to LA

  • it's not a lazy eye but it might be a drupy eye, i have one and i've had it ever since i was born!

  • one reason you shouldn’t move here: i live here and it gets boring after a bit. the endless fun walks are just tiring. you have already been down every street and it’s just not fun anymore.

    • I bet you haven't been down EVery single street right?

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  • assalamualaikum, terima kasih sharingnya,semoga makin sukses,salam kenal ,gabung dari cilacap indonesia

  • Can anyone tell me what hotel she was staying at 😭

  • greetings from Indonesia i like the video

  • Virgo vibes😂😂😂😂

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  • Girl- Ilysm but BAHAHA I’m sorry but me living in Pennsylvania, 50 degrees I’m thinking summer is approaching

  • You should get a dope place in NY that you don’t live in and can go stay in it sometimes.. But alsooo it would be so dope if you rented it out to your followers for a good deal, not just randoms but your viewers. Maybe even leave some stuff like clothes you don’t want and like little gifts like your coffee!! It would be soooo cool and you’d be helping us poor ppl out lol and giving back to your community. And you could do like giveaway trips for free.99 on your channel every few months or something. It would be so cool and you would be helping ppl with their mental health for sure. Bc it is so stressful trying to rent an Airbnb that is reliable and not so expensive. Just an idea, but I would love it tbh. Could even hire someone to do the work for you so it doesn’t stress you out lol.

  • Why is Emma layering in 30 degree weather

  • ❤️ I don’t think you should feel bad about taking pictures of silly things it’s healthy to appreciate small things and romanticize your life ❤️ you’re creative be creative

  • U give me hope that i can be pretty and successful but a dick to society😅😁✨

  • where are youre glasses from bestie, the green ones

  • really good morning drinking coffee miss,I like it

  • God bless yall Jesus loves you and so do I. Please turn to him in your hard times.


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  • Says she hasn't changed with her coffee choices.. Proceeds to say how she's changed with her coffee choices😂

  • A thought came into my head that in any other context would make me creepy, but I think everyone here understands...I’m always picturing Emma shitting herself and how many underwear’s she destroys. K byeeeeee

  • this is now my comfort video

  • Emma u should not move to new York cause it would loose that cool thing that it has, because you would get use to it and it would end up boring you. So the best option is spending some time in there but not staying forever :) lov u

  • hey it's funny because this is what it's like in Canada 24/7 it can't decide.

  • ive never wanted a bagel more in my entire life

  • I miss traveling so much

  • she is so pretty

  • You should move, but to San Diego

  • God loves you


  • I’m getting 1776 vibes from this😂😂

  • pls move to nyc it suits u

  • It’s not a bad idea to move you seem so at peace just do it girl

  • Does anyone know the brand of Emma’s bag at 11:08? PLEASE LET ME KNOW ITS SO CUTE I NEED IT IN MY LIFE!!!!!!

  • this is my first emma chamberlain video and I am so ready to binge them

  • smoke sesh alone + emma is IMMACULATE....idk y

  • Our bagels and pizza are great because of our water.

  • u look so happy

  • I live in New York and it bothers me so much when people call NYC new york

  • 1. Horrible people and everyone hates each other

  • hahahaha when she said 20,000 miles i laughed so hard


  • Leave LA Emma ☹️

  • You look like you have New York soul. You belong here in the best coast. Not that pretentious coast.

  • Wait till that dude finds out Emma has 10mil subs LOL


  • Reason why you shouldn't move to New York: ....

  • the guy who followed you omg

  • RIP her iPhone storage ayyyyyyye

  • I picture my life in some years from now be like this.

  • Discover this channel but now I am loving

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  • I love hearing her talk about how much fun she had 🥺

  • “I like to turn the AC to like 65° so it’s like freezing cold” a true Californian 😂 I grew up in the Bay and moved to SoCal for school and I’m SPOILED from how warm it is year round here

  • Okay but your SCARF! Ma’am ✋🏽🥺

  • “Which is also psychotic” lmfao

  • I'm sorry but I can't give you reasons not to move to NY if I see you so happy there!! you can move with your cats, your friends and family can travel to visit you all the time...and the city seems to inspire you and has more creative material to work with...but I love your videos wherever the f... you are, kiss you in the forehead!

  • EMMA did you take a shower or is your hair grese

  • You would feel more happy if you leave LA for New York. I hate heat weather like you. Unfortunately ilive in hot County 😭🔥

  • If you don’t move to New York already it makes you so much more happy then LA

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  • my comfort video

  • She makes a trip while i sit in quarantine for two years now I m fine...

  • LOL imagine being in ny and complaining about it being COLD 😂 excuse me ma'am

  • Can someone pls tell me what app did she use?😭😭🥺🥺 - on 10:38

  • Emma bestie just get an apartment in NY

  • emma move to new york

  • 15:59 had me dead 💀💀💀😂

  • omg im weezing she said oh uh huh oml im obsesed

  • I’ve never seen you so happy and chill. You seem so at ease. Your stomach hurt and you were still more happy than usual. Like. If you were in LA and your stomach hurt - your vibe would be soooo far down. I’m just glad to see you enjoy existing.

  • you are really funny

  • your videos are literally keeping me from feeling like I want to die

  • Emma in basically me only not living under her parents roof

  • that dude is gonna search up her youtube and be like god damn wtf

  • I feel like Emma is much less lazy in nyc then in LA I’m not trynna be rude but it’s so true she looks so happy in nyc

  • Emma being a food photographer

  • this is like the fifth video of hers i've watched in a row and don't get me wrong love it....but does she ever drink water?????

  • Idk how to explain it but ny fits you lol I don’t think anyone can be truly happy in LA lol

  • Ok, I’ve struggled with my eyes going out since I was about five. It’s called strabismus and your brain basically neglects to control one or both of your eyes causing them to “wonder off.” My teachers and friends often think I wasn’t paying attention to them when my eyes would go out lol. Ultimately, eye therapy retrained my brain and helped it recognize when my eye was drifting off so it could bring it back in. But when I’m tired or it’s late at night, it’s more challenging to keep my eyes in check. I hope this helps anybody who relates to what Emma is saying!

  • i..... why is this my first exposure to her? i've heard her name in passing but.... now I want to be her friend. hun. LA is great. in moderation. you talk like an New Yorker tho so... and rule. truely. I have one eye that's lighter than the other. I have friends with varying types of heterochromia. You are gorg boo rlly 😘🥰😅😆 actually tho. I live in philly, but I know NYC like the back of my left hand. I know the good bagel shops... the place to get that real fuckin chinese food ( in a subway with no sign btw....) ALRIGHT ROAD TRIP. EVERYBODY WHO WANTS TO FILM A VLOG WITH ME IN THE NYC SAY SOMETHIN

  • I have a lazy eye since I was 4 and it does get visible when I’m tired, I lose control of my eye