Objavljeno 31. jan. 2021
the three things i care about:
1. thrifting
2. drums
3. cheese board


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-emma chamberlain


  • emma literally spends hours into planning her outfit and the outcome is not similar to what she showed us the slightest but i love her anyways

  • emma’s videos literally make my day. it doesn’t matter what mood i’m in she always makes it better

  • i see she still hasnt learned to cut away from herself 14:49

  • Emma please restock your merch!! I’m dying to buy your cats crewneck in a large but only a small has been in stock for weeks. (Also your variety pack of the individual coffee bags but I can be more patient for that restock hehe) Thank you sooo so much! So excited to buy & support you, thanks for being all of our besties 💕

  • in love with all those outfits . omg

  • emma is the definition of independence and the fact that your best friend is actually yourself and i love that side of her sm

  • She is ✨iconic✨

  • boursin is french so you pronounce it bwo-son

  • emma honestly is just amazing. and one thing that she never fails to do is wear her mask, which a lot of influencers dont do. but then again, emma is not like other influencers, WHICH IS WHY WE LOVE HER SO FUCKING MUCH love you emma

  • If you ever go on the red carpet or one of those fancy Hollywood situations where the people with the microphone ask you what you're wearing, you should take the Mary Kate and Ashley purse just so you could say and the purse is Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. 😂🤣

  • I got a real japanese chefs knife. That thing is so sharp! If I look at that knife wrong, I'll cut myself. I cut myself last night with it again. It's freaking me out cuz that knife can cut through bone.

  • Thrift stores in LA: Vintage, Nice aesthetic clothes, Cool designerbrands Thrift stores in Norway: grandmaclothes

  • which flea market?

  • Broccoli 😂

  • the spontaneous drum break sends me every time

  • omg the song that plays at 8:00 is so good

  • am i the only one who thinks most influencers who moved to LA their personality changes completely and emma hasn't changed at all i love it how authentic she is

  • Emma is prettiest when she just wakes up with her glasses

  • Emma: litteraly has a closet thats almost a store Also emma: goes and buys 4 more bags of clothes at the flea market

  • Emma IS the cool trendy girl, lets not lie we all take inspo from her

  • "My love language recently has become cheese boards" ... Emma you kill me.

  • okay but emma would be such a great and such a terrible mom at the same time... I LOVE HER SO MUCH THOUGH

  • Me who's named Amanda: tHiS iS tHe BeSt DaY eVeR 😤

  • Loved this

  • Getting a emma chamberlain commercial for her styling sneakers on her own channel is a new kind of power, especially when the jacket she is wearing in it was one she got in this haul 😂❤

  • emma: horses me: cows?

  • I use the same sunscreen!

  • if you were being robbed you left everything ??

  • 6:58 You should try cooking broccoli on a stove in a pan and add some olive oil & salt, it's really good especially with grilled chicken & noodles.

  • NOBODY: LITERALLY NOBODY: EMMA: i don't want to do skincare *does skincare* EMMA: this thing smells like rotten milk *pours coffee in it* EMMA: i don't like these green things *eats it* EMMA: i don't want to clean out my closet *cleans out closet*

  • The prettiest girl is here

  • my lights literally went out when she said lights out and it’s raining here

  • Emma...mental breakdowns typically land people in the hospitals they are horrific to experience. By using the term mental breakdown in a more causal way it seriously minimizes what it actually is and is hurtful. A lot of SLflowrs do this, it’s just stupid unfortunate that it’s become so common to say when it’s not used in the correct way. Ugh

  • Her talking about how it’s a basic tank too but she shows a long sleeve

  • that fact that people dislikes her videos just make me want to cry

  • I laughed so hard when she showed how the cut her finger Hhahhahshssh

  • please why did i read the title as I HAVE A SHOPLIFTING PROBLEM


  • Emma is literally so amazing. I swear I always laugh at every comment she makes.🤍

  • When my name is Amanda 😳👄😗

  • Emma is def whifey material, oh yes she is.

  • someone please tell me where her leather jacket and shirt is from???

  • Some of the stylistic underpinnings of being a a vlogger lean towards an overkill style, unlike that of a 'murder for money' film ADAPTATION. For an example.

    • ... - well, I study a lot, so your internal dialogue is not supposed to freak me owt.

  • your cheese boards are so pretty!

  • alternative title: emma ranting about her love for broccoli for 17 minutes and 39 seconds

  • shes literally pinterest tf-

  • Did Levi's reach out to you for the commercial just because you have made a few videos about shopping at a thrift store? I would love to know more about your clothing company and is it sustainable. Have you tried to influence people to recycle, reuse and reduce their consumption, while also doing it yourself? I don't believe, you are a good choice, for the Levi's commercial because I have never heard or seen you taking part in being an environmentalist.

  • 4:40 a literal shop.

  • this is so cirnge but i can really imagin myself and emma being friends cuz we have the same energy but different at the same time

  • То чувство когда смотришь только «эмма чемберлен на русском» и так не привычно слышать настоящий голос Эммы 🤓

  • does anyone know what flea market she went to

  • *emma is the trendy girl*

  • Emma love you and your style

  • awwwww cat im an estonian my brother knows how to say hello in Russian

  • Jesus loves you!

  • Emma's closet Is bigger than my bedroom and bathroom together

  • I always cringe when I see how people act with well known SLflowrs like fans But Mann I love this bitch her authenticity is so appreciable especially nowadays when everyone trying to be what they see on the media

  • The reason why Emma is so intriguing and bad ass is because she's herself she's not trying to be somebody else like how most you tubers , and social media influencers. Emma your bad ass and keep remaining urself, that's what ppl love!

  • Don't believe Emma when she finally picks out an outfit and says "this is the winner" cus she lying.

  • Why am I a fucking 42 yo mom who’s obsession with Emma Chamberlain is a borderline creep fest? 🧟‍♀️🧠

  • my names amanda and I got scared when she screamed HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMANDA

  • im commenting on every video youve made

  • But one of the black shirts from the thrift store had oil stains 😳

  • Does anyone know what market she went to?

  • Emma’s intro: I love you. Also Emma: *holds up middle finger at us in first 20 seconds of video*

  • my dream closet

  • the cauliflower rice was so bad it was soggy and weird tasting

  • Aquarius gang

  • could you donate your clothes to your fans? maybe me?

  • She is the most fascinating beautiful wierd stylish creature I’ve ever watched.... and I fucking dig it🦭🧍🏻‍♀️✋🏻🐿🗿 NOT IN A WIERD WAY LIKE IDOLIZING WAY

  • WTF JAM WITH CHEESE !?! *french people dying*

  • Does anyone know where her long sleeve top is from. Please??

  • #justiceforbrocoli

  • I think you pronounce it bore - sin

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  • leave the animals alone. #GOVEGAN stop the murder, stop the torture, save the planet. Animals are not ours to experiment on, eat, wear, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way.

  • Does anyone know what happened between Emma and The Dolan Twins? I haven't seen a video of them in soooo long. I just didn't know if they weren't on good terms anymore or what....

  • emma this is going to sound like im dissing but but i promise this is a compliment - youre weirdly wholesome in your own way

  • this months emma is sending me such lorelei gilmore vibes

  • bruhhhhhhh how is she so pretty✋

  • Same, Emma. Same.

  • I love how she says I love you then puts out the middle finger

  • I rewinded twice for both forehead kisses cuz I needed them both

  • You're my spirit animal

  • Na why i started dying laughing when she said what about getting stabbed to death the covers her mouth 😭😭🤣🤣

  • This video is two months old but as she said "it's only eleven thirty" I checked and SHE WAS RIGHT

  • I love how humble she is

  • not she's in the ads in her video.....

  • where is the leather jacket from!? i love it

  • emma, when will u get that you *ARE* the *L.A girl.*

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  • she's the only celebrity that i can actually relate to. like every other celeb makes me feel like super self conscious and like i have to reach a certain standard, but emma is super relatable and not a show off like other youtubers. she just super relatable and actually acts like a real person and doesn't try to reach a certain standard to impress her fans. that's what i love about her.

  • Emma is on every commercial I see I swear to god

  • im rewatching because i just need more of this. please thrift.

  • why aren’t you using your platform to speak out?

  • preach about your broccoli babe



  • PLEASE shop for me. i would pay u

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