Objavljeno 23. maj. 2021
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im turning into an LA girl. and i'm sorry.


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-emma chamberlain


  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️

  • you can't put a watery liquid in chocolate!! if you want it to be runnier you have to put in vegetable oil!

  • people grunting😭😭

  • Emmmaaaa! If you hate wasting food you need to get a rubber spatula. I get OCD watching you leave so much food in these containers. There was so much cookie dough in the blender cup, so much hummus left in that container and the chocolate glass. Clean it out girl!!

  • I was literally like, no no no don’t add milk to the chocolate cause then its gonna turn she did it and its hard

  • سبْط بد جھتٍ گلدپت

  • Emma Wash your fruit and veggies 😀

  • the first bite reacrion was everything

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  • I love LA!

  • either i made the spaghetti squash wrong or you did. i just pop it in the oven, season it, then scoop it and eat it like that.

  • Petition for Emma to start showing us her nails?🥺🤚🏽

  • I thought this would be a morning routine lmao

  • idk why but i just dont care if her vids are repetitive i will watch them anyway, i even watch the sponsorships which i never watch anyone els's

  • The Hardest Thing a small youtuber can feel is when you wake up in the morning and nothing has changed on your channel 😋


  • gem or emma i duno

  • who called you?

  • 3:14 whoa look whos too lazy to cut out distractions from the video

  • u mean original meaning? yea maybe

  • market owned by the farmers? i dont htink so.....

  • straight from the farmers? and skipping who?

  • whats farmers market?

  • 4:03 : bro u r in la how the f*ck did u never saw a single youtuber.. that is scary

  • How would we get bored of you ;)

  • Emma ur so cool 😎

  • We aint never gettin bored of you Emma....we love youuuu

  • girl you need to meet up with mai pham , i know you would get on so well with each other !❤️

  • Does anyone know where she got her exercise top

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  • I’ve never watched 20 to 25 minute vlogs without skipping and still don’t but this girl changed it!👍 love you Emma!

  • this is why i like gym phany packs and wired earbuds yike

  • ThIs Is FuN

  • .

  • Watching her whole acrylic nail go into the side of the squash

  • 1984 is such a good book! Great choice 📖

  • Emma where’d you get your knit sweater zip up hoodie?

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  • I love how the morning routine turned into a almost two day vlog

  • I cringe at how she eats unwashed fruits😤😭😷

  • We‘re not bored of you because you are cool even when you do nothing special 🧡

  • my high blood pressure watching Emma add in all that salt 📈

  • can someone tell me what matcha that is????? matcha lemonade???? or what????

  • can u do book reviews????

  • comfort videos at it's finest.

  • What expression machine does she have

  • Why does this ADHD girl have 10 million subs?

  • EMMA, I have to ask, what is your Matcha order at Alfred's? It looks so green and good!!

    • I don't know if it's the matcha latte or matcha americano...

  • I finally understand why people like you, never seen your youtube, really like your content thanks for sharing and being you


  • Even if she posts only videos of her day as if it was a video call i would still watching them cause dude HAHAHAHA

  • Ps: Emma hahaha wtf, i'm very far from being bored of you, like this last week when you didn't post the Sunday video i was freaking out, i really felt like something was missing cause you r like our friend.

  • I'm reading the same book as emma, (1984). EMMA IF U SEE THIS, could you please sy what so u think about it?

  • your entertaining and funny ❤️😂

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  • I find it weird that Emma just pours tomato sauce in her pasta and doesn’t cook it through….. ahhhhhhhh

  • You’re the only person i watch on SLflow now


  • We love u emma

  • i love you and you deserve to be loved


  • wait we never got like an actual house tour of this house

  • When she poured milk in the melted chocolate I literally yelled “NOOO” at the tv😂 never add liquid to melted chocolate, it will seize up and get lumpy!

  • "first thing i got is a matcha....okay first thing i got:"

  • we will never get bored because it always feels like hanging out with your best friend

  • i love how this morning routine turns into talking about eating boogers 😂😂😂

  • Okay Emma thank you i was eating 8:00

  • girl you talk a lot

  • You should totally do a review from the books u read!!

  • Jesus loves you

  • "can i tell you too" emma we can respond and you also j proceeded to tell us anyways lmaooo


  • I love how emma is being herself and she show us her real life and not faking it, we will never get bored from u

  • It’s sad that a farmers mkt in CALIFORNIA uses so much plastic. Please bring alternative bag options if they don’t have them Emma! Love you!🌎💕

  • how are we not sick of you??? because... though you say your videos are the same each video, to us it’s something new. 😛

  • I sell CUTCO!!! YOu def need some in your kitchen. They are American-made #1 Best selling knives I the US and they go through that squash like it BUTTER!!! i gotchu

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  • Emma is getting like every new video sponsored BAHAH but get that bag bestie

  • it's kinda funny that being minimalistic for Emma is having ONLY 10 pairs of jeans. Girl, I don't even have 3 pairs

  • Guys please don’t eat your boogers. Nuff said.

  • bro 10am at the farmers market?? Here in the midwest is 6am

  • that mask kinda made me wish that vloggers had reflective foreheads so I could see what they are looking at when they're talking.

  • my dads 56 and i'm 13 so whatever

  • I just had a flash back from Emma like, 2 years ago, who used to LOVE spin cycle class. Right!? or did I make that up???

    • Yes I totally remember this because I wanted to try it super bad! I’m not sure why she doesn’t do it anymore but it seemed super fun.

  • Itching her nose~emma

  • Emma is the only person that can make me watch a sponsor portion of a video 😂 talent is 10/10 at this point

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  • Emma you're just good at entertaining every crowd

  • currently doing the treadmill thing as you were talking about it LMAO

  • Does honey only work for the US? I live in Paris

  • U should make a book review video of the books you have read :)

  • When she said minimalist clothing I’ve never related to her more. ME TOO EMMA 😂😂😭😌

  • Lol Emma your funny your videos make me smile in such sad moment and happy late birthday for being an adult love you 🎂🤩🎉🥫😘🤗💐

  • Please make a video with your cats!!!!


  • EMMAAAAA why all these plastic bags queen

  • LOVE your vids! Also where is your phone case from? 💜