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  • Emma you should try doing a closet clean out video! Or you could do a video styling clothes in your closet that you have never worn/haven't worn in awhile. You could also make a vid about how you put together an outfit/what your thought process is. You could also make a video around what you'd wear for different occasions (grocery run, brunch, coffee date, movie date, going shopping, having a picnic, etc.). You could take that idea and make it more crazy/niche/specific (make an outfit for oddly specific events) like make an outfit for going to brunch with Harry styles, an outfit for the grocery store when you run into someone from high school, or for a party on a yacht with lizzo, or for visiting a castle, etc.

  • I want love buttons to yutu

  • emma just know, u r rlly appreciated by everyone whos watching this. We do care about u eventhough you dont know any of us. we do know u. please do stuff that makes u happy. Do what makes U happy.

  • Not Emma on the internet promoting the internet ily 🤍

  • Ur so pretty

  • Maybe setting new life goals could help. So you have something you can work towards. At least that is what helps me with boredom. And I mostly find these life goals while changing the scenery (with travelling for example).

  • why is nobody talking about her foundation shade, it literally matches perfectly

  • Hanging out with Emma would be so much fun, she’s loves her alone time and hanging out with her cat love that

  • PSA telling someone that they "look depressed" will make them depressed even if they weren't before. good job guys!👍🏼 if u woke mental health activists would take 2 seconds out of your day to do some critical thinking, you would realize that saying "hey emma ily and ur content is amazing" is better than saying "u look depressed pls seek help luv u". could u imagine if a total stranger commented that under ur instagram posts? even if you were depressed, a comment like that would only make u feel worse.

  • your cats are like your roommates you barely talk with them which is amazing I really want to do that but I can't I kind of annoy my cats

  • why is everyone saying she depressed like shes just acting like a normal human

  • Emma ! love u goodnight

  • emma should release the song she made

  • emma reading list of things to do: emma saying no to everything:

  • Cleaning always cures my boredom

  • people that think your anything other than living ur life are blind. coming out of a pandemic a homebody is something we are all struggling w. btw i love love your podcast and YOU. wish I could live in LA so i could be your best friend xoxoxo

  • I’m gonna miss ur house

  • Girl I love u

  • emma you should try to recreate that salad

  • omg Emma please drop the egg bite recipe i want to try them

  • Watched this late at night in bed while feeling average-yuck and now just a bit less like 💩 thanks Emma x

  • love ur vids

  • why are people trying to diagnose someone they've never even met with a mental health disorder. mind your p's and q's guys seriously.

  • i take vitamins. i take: multivitamin, vitamin C, probiotic, omega 3,6&9, vitamin b17&12, pumpkin seed oil, bee pollen, vitamin e

  • 12:47 this i cannot eat until i find something to watch

  • 9:35 i need this on spotify asap you killed it girl


  • hey emma about what you said around 11:23 you work too hard, and its appreciated, and youre doing enough

  • Declan begging for your attention is literally the cutest thing ever literally love that for you

  • I’m confused how r ppl saying she’s depressed ?

  • if u jsut drink plant milk they usually add vitamins to the milk anyways just check the side

  • The most beautiful, I really do love you EMMAAAAAAA ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • tbf at least you’re showering. i know a lot of us, including myself, have a hard time doing that alone. props to you for recognizing and being able to do a full self care routine

  • Oooh I need to know what lip she used

  • GOOGLE?!?!?!?!? SPONSERED?!?!?! YOU?!?!?!

  • had to pause the video and take a second after the way she pronounced apricot omg LOL

  • emma i just thought you should know that your reaction to the color of the toenail polish made me laugh so hard that i coughed and my gum fell out of my mouth

  • it’s been a long time since i watched emma and i’m glad i have chosen to watch her again cause it is good for me anywho going to take a shower after this

  • u don't have smhn to watch on youtube? watch Emma chamberlain nvm its u

  • 22:15 me

  • wtf is up with this comment section yall are definitely coming from a good place but it’s so back handed

  • Her smile in the beginning caught me off guard

  • Thanks Emma I’m gonna teach myself to accept boredom to see what I can come up with

  • so i’m watching your vlog and i break a teeth…i’m really not ok lol

  • Omg, i feel sad for frankie cause declan is the momy's favorite HAHA

  • girl i love you

  • I thought the green makeup was less weird than putting the veggie burger in the air fryer


  • does anyone know where her favourite salad is from? or what the salad is called lol... it looked really good :)

  • That green eyeshadow looks so goooood

  • I just made some ✨zEsTy✨ Mac n cheese

  • Emma is literally my best friend and she dont even know it

  • Emma no matter what i love u

  • why is no one talking abt emma's song it could actually be kinda fire - long as you find words that rhyme & go w/the beat

  • How does she have a house at twenty and I'm still in college at 19 living in my parent's house and literally not sure how to load the dishwasher...

  • Literally when she pulled out the apricot i just remembered her plum addiction 😂

  • Dried figs are awesome

  • This is a cool fam. Really😻

  • u look beautiful with and without make up take care

  • I think it actually depends on which air fryer you have. My bf has a similar one like yours that’s like a toaster oven and it doesn’t really air fry too well, but I have the bucket type one and I think it’s a lifesaver and makes a huge difference!

  • Emma chamberlain cures my depression

  • You should take art or like pottery classes

  • your such a mood emma. we love you

  • Does anyone realize she is struggling with an eating disorder? I know diagnosing someone is wrong but I’m sick of seeing people on SLflow and Tiktok and Instagram hype her up. This world is sick and everyone thinks skinny is magic. She is indecisive, had foggy thoughts, and the next second she knows exactly what she wants to do. “I tend to feel guilty when I take a day off, I always feel like I need to do something ” she just said this and it is a perfect summary of the mind when struggling with an ED (of any kind). I went through the same exact thing and although I know I will never be 100 percent recovered, I know how to manage my symptoms and ask for help. I am no therapist, but I have been through 8 months of treatment in inpatient hospital, residential, PHP, IOP care and outpatient care. I learned a lot about my mental disorder over the course of this year and almost every behavior seen in this video she replicated. Emma I see ur struggles and we all love you and are here for you. Stay safe❤️❤️

  • Emma u get more beautiful every day

  • There’s no way she wasn’t zooted for the second half of the video haha

  • I don't know if I'm the only one, but Emma should go back to school/university. It will be good and fresh for her.

  • i highly recommend for everyone in the comments to go listen to emma's most recent podcast episode "how am i really doing" i think this will answer a lot of people's questions, but more importantly to get a better understanding of emma and her videos and why commenting on one's mental health can be harmful ❤️

  • Why was Emma's song lowkey a banger

  • I’m sorry I zoned out and then all I heard was “don’t sleep on apricots “ and I was like well yeah Emma why would you PHYSICALLY SLEEP ON TOP OF AN APRICOT

  • Have you seen any friends or go to the park and just see what you can do

  • "use this as an excuse to use my air fryer" EMMMMMMMMA have you not made mozzie stix or dino nuggets in the air fryer?!!!! baking often dries out any juiciness in the food! and mozzie stix in the air fryer makes the cheese pull sooomuch more satisfying

  • That song slaps😂👏

  • 😆 . 👍 she gave me vibes, tho…. She’ cool . Id be in a relationship with that cool chik. 👍 she loves her cat 🐱 I die for my rescues 🐱 we’d vibe on our cat love 😂hopefully she loves sponge bob like my kids and I do. 😈 the cats, yessssss 😂

  • Google has been wrong about so much though. No corporation should have that power.

  • Emma makes me feel safe, there I said it

  • imagine being so famous google sponsors you ✋

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  • You should try to re-create your favorite salad

  • your sponsored by google, wtf

  • Air fryer basically Cooks without oil. It uses steam. But I think Emma sprayed a lot of oil in it lol.

  • The lumpy faucet lally look because ethernet untypically wash amid a bad drain. present, snotty novel

  • What is going on? I have watched that video 5 times and she is not acting any diferently than usual.There is nothing wrong with being bored and trying to enjoy it. I love how A TIKTOK can brainwash yall so easily. Moreover, Emma has always been really open with her depression and anxiety why do yall suddenly bring it up?Furthermore if you actually cared about her mental health and want to help her you should know that all these comments are not going to make her feel any better. PLEASE think of how the person might feel before writing a comment.

  • 0:58 I can’t take her seriously

  • It’s annoying and also scary how people are assuming the worst about her mental health when she herself might be feeling like she’s progressing but all these negative comments are so annoying. Do your own damn thing and stop talking about shit that isn’t your place to began with.

  • She is SO cute!

  • If I was her I’d just drive to a nice spot and walk

  • some of y’all in these comments really need to watch her most recent podcast because this comment section is so weird ….

  • Hurl I learned a lot from u u MADE my life much Better and easier ❤️❤️❤️

  • I'm sorry why tf does google needs sponsoring BYE-

  • I’ll be ur friend 🥲

  • Emma hunny, sweetie, bestie...IF YOU EVER DRY YOUR HAIR LIKE THAT AGAIN I WILL PERSONALLY COME TO YOUR HOUSE AND STEAL YOUR CATS!! Ok but seriously, don’t dry your hair by rubbing it with the towel like that. It’s really not good for it. Just pat/squeeze dry. Thanks for coming to my TED talk❤️

  • I want a new video every single day


  • Emma start painting. Its gonna take up a lot of ur time and its good for anxiety

  • Brazilian here❤

  • I be bored even when i’m on my cellular device , lol .

  • Sponsered by Google? GOOGLE??!

  • things i do when im bored are finding a new album to listen to all the way through, reading, hanging out with my cats, doing my makeup for no reason, getting nails done, draw, play video games or scrapbook

  • The song 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂