Objavljeno 14. mar. 2021
thank you louis vuitton for (virtually) inviting me to ANOTHER show. it is always an honor.


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-emma chamberlain



  • I use to watch Emma quite a lot and I think I convinced myself that I like coffee too. Took a break from yt for a while and I wonder if imma go back to coffee again

  • The magic school bus brought back memories of middle school science class

  • Emma is too cool for me 😌✌🏼

  • life saver asf

  • Emma: HiIiIiIiIiIiIiIiIiIiIiIiI

  • okay, you re so freaking gorgeous, i can’t

  • Niiice

  • 6:35 i want that jacket

  • The ossified conga nouzilly whistle because badge muhly wink minus a yummy half-sister. unbiased, gainful kidney

  • If she kissed my forehead in real life I’d faint.

  • I just wanna hug her. She’s such a bright light

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  • the plate is fornasetti boo and isnt meant to serve food but framed or hung on the wall..its art

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  • I love that grey sweater I need that

  • I've only started watching emma's vlog THIS WEEK and I love her already

  • everytime i watch emma s video i wanna drink ice latte...

  • watching a Emma chamberlain video than getting a Emma chamberlain pacsun add is such a power move

  • When will you be on hot ones

  • timothee chalamet in a females body

  • Lmaoo 🤣I’m wearing earphones and at 1:10 I fkn thought my work called me on the speaker, I tripped.. Tysm

  • Was it the pacsun shoot bc I just saw the ad and the makeup is similar also love yur videos

  • I love how her cats are literally chilling on the sink 😂😂😂

  • she looked so cute in the intro 💕🤩

  • Wait Emma you are a fucking model sssssyoooo

  • I like a little coffee/espresso with my milk.

  • lover of you

  • I knew I should have skipped during the bedtime morning segment I’m eating

  • the thing i love bout this girl is because her videos areee so long and its not like other youtuber there video is only like 10 or 5 minute sand emmas are like 20 mintuesor 17 likeeeeeee i love that keep makjng long vidoes girlfrind

  • did you put in lashes??

  • emma you look so pretty


  • i’ve just started watching emma’s videos and listening to the ag podcast lately, and it has been super therapeutic. emma ily, thank u for the forehead kiss 🤧

  • linda tr amo

  • I need to know if she has found tiny bowls yet!!! 😂🤣😅

  • i dont' know y but she reminds me of marzia HAHA

  • my mom

  • Love you Emma! And even though I’m not nearly at all this successful, she inspires me to get up early and do things!

  • What the heck!!!!!!!!!😱😱🌙

  • When her mom said please wear these please wear the *giggle* I was like *cringe*

  • Her teeth are perfect

  • Her intro put such a huge smile on my face I hope I meet this queen one day 🥺

  • The fact that her mum literally said " yeah it's pretty cool" WTF WDYM PRETTY COOL

  • me: i need to control my coffee consumption emma: fucking good coffe images

  • she is so real

  • Lol Emma is so down to earth that she makes Louis Vuitton feel affordable 😂

  • She looked like eleven when she had her outfit on

  • Hi. Word. I know Magic School Bus. coincidence seen, I saw a mini droplet on my smart phone screen dried exactly when you said there's something on the screen, I though the same, "there's something on the screen, looks harden". I put my thumbnail on the screen and saw your hand rub. I feel like if it wasn't mentioned it wouldn't be sacred.

  • She looks like Elizabeth olsen

  • i got a emma chamberlain ad while watching a emma video.

  • I freaking love your videos 💕

  • The cat behind her, when she is drinking coffee, is really cute

  • how was this a month ago?! i watched this the day this came out... it feels like only a week ago. what the fuck!!

  • I love you

  • I like your nose 💍rings... So beautiful Emma..... Awesome blog....

  • it look so pretty bae

  • im commenting on every video youve made

  • Giiiiirl you look so good in that magic school bus space sweater....I cant

  • What if people can actually see you through the camera 😂

  • Can’t believe she forgot our forehead kiss

  • cutie


  • loved that period cramp

  • She's really pretty!! :)

  • Yo I woke up at 5 just to watch harry styles perform at the Grammy's LMAO. OH and I also had my last final exam the very same day.. fun day💀💀💀

    • @persephone 0_0 eh ofc we cheated it was online💀💀 not proud tho lol

    • Damnnnn 💀💀 Hope it went well

  • Emma’s my comfort person

  • I got a pacsun add of Emma before her video

  • Pls i love you😭

  • feels like this is a MY Wifey Edition

  • Pls she looked so pretty at the shoot

  • Okay good night I'm so sleepy rn

  • to the people thats always been Leaning in for the forehead kiss since day one😌🖤

  • Wow so that's what it's like to be rich

  • shes a vibe shes a mood and shes her self I FUCKIN THRIV TO BE U

  • She’s just living the life ugh

  • I know exactly what your talking about i love the magic school bus pants

  • Is it me or she looks DIFFERENT in MAKEUP

  • Why in the world does she likes coffee

  • Woww..you kinda hot

  • What’s the outro music

  • Oh my gosh her eyes with eye liner are just wow

  • So fuuuuuny y are

  • to be honest she is really pretty no matter how she looks



  • emma ever since i noticed your wonky eye i cant unsee it ahhhhhhhh

  • Everything gonna be done ✅

  • Omg I swear Emma is so pretty😫

  • Your so freaking PRETTY 😍

  • Love you bestie❤️❤️❤️

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  • “i swear this tripod is dead to me” 😂

  • في حد عربي هنا😂

  • has anyone not realized she resembles ELIZABETH OLSEN ?

  • “It’s fucking 5 in the morning. I haven’t even digested my dinner yet” killed me 💀

  • Can we talk about the fact that the pants that Emma chose, the space thing WERE THE SAME GIGI WORE FOR ZAYN'S BIRTHDAY

  • i watched this while i was half asleep and u screaming made me deaf