Objavljeno 28. feb. 2021
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  • emma: can we just all love each other? *emma 3 seconds later* suck on that, i brush my teeth 3 times a day idiot *farts*

  • I wish it was 55 degrees now it's 84 currently , and your freezing at 55 degrees

  • Emma it's not that serious 20 is not old!!!

  • You can't drink any caffeine before you go! I know it might be impossible but caffeine is what triggers your bowels 😳 trust as a fellow stomach issues baddie

  • The song that Emma was drumming is Chamber of reflection by mac Demarco

  • Did-di- did she js say tEmPeh.bro im a malay and i call it taym-pey(pronounce)so i was shock😂😭

  • Your iconic and I love your blogs BUT THE BURPS MAKE ME PHYSICALLY UNCOMFORTABLE

  • So productive 🤧💖

  • Who doesn't love the grocery,store😀

  • Ik everyone says this but Emma is the only real authentic person on SLflow like when watching SLflow they always have this extravagant lifestyle but Emma has just a normal ass lifestyle and it reminds me that like it’s okay to relax and to not work all the time I feel that I always have to be doing something.


  • She was so funny in this 💀

  • Boo hoo i'm rich but feel bad for me

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  • When Emma said its 7:11 in the beginning it was 7:11 for me

  • There’s something about these videos that are just so calming and they make me so happy for no reason

  • love seeing emma developing her eating disorder 😍🤞🏻

  • lmaooo your helping me stay off my phone .

  • Fact: Emma in every start if the interview: Whats up guys?

  • What is your meditation app?

  • I really like that outfit you changed out of. You got to play it how you feel it though.

  • You probably need to eat some saltine crackers before you go in with that coffee or an energy drink is maybe why you're nauseous. If I eat one or two saltine crackers, I'm good.

  • Yeo your so fucking funny bro like fr fr you my type of vibe man like I had you subscribe but I didn’t watch any vids idk why but I have been for like 3 days or 4 and idk why I haven’t started sooner your funny cool and cute and all that stuff but yeah keep up the work man and uhm yeah

  • 4:43 23:30

  • No one Emma: I wish you could rip up pieces of money

  • Omg all of these comments are so sweet and nice 🥺 it feels refreshing this is the first comment section I’ve been in in a while that just spreads positivity

  • Emma: saying not to drink too much caffeine Also Emma: **has shaking pinky because of the caffeine**


  • I feel like no one is talking about how she said “acrylic fill” instead of “acrylic full set” and I’m just here to be that person 😭

  • emma so productive omg it’s 5:55pm and i haven’t even gotten up to pee dude.

  • emmma please do not skipp me u need a puppy u can walk him and puppys get along with cats you can go on runs with your dog and have a little family bc if your alone u realy need fluffy friends and its goood for a alone life watch movies and dress him and love him if u dont want to get a dog its pufictily fine but your really need one for how your living im here for u emmma comint back hows your opionion get a puppy say it in your next vidio

  • i thought for a hot second that you have cancer, sorry tho i love you btw

  • Nice, I enjoyed.

  • Your life surely seems like mine. Jus much more depressing

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  • I feel like we’re on FaceTime

  • I wish we were friends. 💀

  • Her: yeah it’s 50 degrees it’s so cold Me :laughs in Connecticut winter

  • Who thought she almost thought she forgot the goodbye kiss for a second😙

  • Was she belching before she even drank anything??

  • “Comfort and relatability in the workplace”

  • anyone think emma looks like Karin from Karin and skylar the youtubers? Even a similar fun personality! With her headband on it makes her look even more alike!

  • She should film a closet purge it would be awesome

  • That was gross emma 🤣🤣🤣 omg🤦🏼‍♀️

  • siri what is an educated guess in science called?


  • emma always makes me feel better

  • I am 90% of women...

  • best 27 minutes of my life

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  • Why does she leave the water on for soo long, during an ad. Totally wasn't needed but otherwise, love it

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  • I love you 🤍

  • Yo honestly I would cut out all cruciferous veggies from your diet Emma ! Watch what happens to your gas issues after even a few daaaaaze!

    • Right? But she says she’s very picky and so I’m not sure she has enough foods she eats in general to be able to cut some out

  • You cute thoooo

  • Me.

  • i know macdemarco, let's play "my kind of woman"!

  • bless you emma

  • Freaking out the NEIGHBORHOOD!! I fricken love Mac, heckkkk

  • Emma you should play video games

  • I’m not gonna lie when she said it was cold when it was 55 degrees. I was surprised because where I live when it’s 55 degrees here, we wear shorts😂

  • she's living the life i want to have .

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  • l love watching emma when l am down or having a bad day she makes me happy

  • You don’t understand how happy you make me

  • i just luv her vlogs.

  • Is no one going to mention the complete lack of appropriate caloric or nutritional intake? I’m worried about her...

  • Mac Demarco song, Freaking out the Neighborhood 😉

  • You can receive faith right now through prayer (Prayer is talking with God) The following is a suggested prayer: “Lord Jesus I need you, thank you for dying on the cross for my sins. I open up the door of my life and receive you as my Lord and savior. Thank you for forgiving our and giving us a shot at eternal life. Take control of the throne of my life and make me the kind person you want me to be. AMEN”❤️

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  • For me I'll get too frustrated to shop something unless it's something I really need

  • Honestly I love emma so much

  • No wonder your always gassed out. All those brussel sprouts.

  • freaking out the neighbourhood - mac demarco

  • I’m seeing no one in the comments guess the song in the beginning but I’m gonna guess freaking out the neighborhood

  • this is my favourite toothpaste, sensodyne. "holds up pro-namel"

  • When she burp i just forgot everything that she was talking about

  • 30 minutes went by 👁️👄👁️ and I didn't even REALIZE

  • 4:43

  • She is soo entertaining. I love you🥰😁

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  • I used to work off of laurel canyon and you are right, it sucks lol

  • Cute lil bumble bee vibes in the intro

  • I'm annoyed how you were able to make that sauce without getting anything on your white clothing. Envy would be an understatement.

  • ily

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  • babe ily but be careful doing a meditation in your car because someone could approach you outside your car when you're chilling.

  • She like inspires me to drink more coffie 🦄

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  • Is that a white claw? 🤣🤣

  • Emma is is really pretty with brown hair especially when she is not wearing makeup

  • We always rip our 20’s for 10’s And people hate it 😩

  • watching this after emma found a rolie polie in a raspberry because she didn’t wash them

  • Ok I can’t tell if I’m the begging you look like a 12 year old boy or a 70 year old women

  • I haven't been watching your videos for a few months but now I get such a good vibe from you, you make me so happy. love it!

  • I literally want Emma’s life

  • so whats the store ?? it looks rly cool and j wanna shop there lol

  • Try not washing your hair for a year!

  • 2 things, silicones aren’t too good for your hair so I’d avoid those as well as not brushing your hair while it’s wet